Our client has been in business for over 40 years. They manufacture advanced computer-based measurement and automation systems. The CEO and 100% owner is dynamic, time-poor and difficult to get an appointment with. The client had worked with a small firm of accountants who had provided a client-led compliance service. However, when Menzies were appointed to offer advice on tax, we soon realised that the structure was far from ideal.


Menzies were quickly able to identify a solution that would avoid having to pay significantly more tax than was necessary. However, the problem was finding time in the CEO’s busy diary and being able to communicate the problem and solution, quickly and efficiently.

With a limited window in the CEO’s diary, we had to think carefully about how we presented the information succinctly and effectively in a way that “cut to the chase” but without being insensitive to the broader issues. Menzies devised a plan of action to present the information and were quickly able to win the support of the CEO.


Having won the trust of the CEO, Menzies re-structured the business for tax purposes, whilst still ensuring the commercial objectives were met, saving the owner and company a significant amount in potential tax liabilities. We continue to work with the client offering advice on all accountancy and tax matters.

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